6 Free Tips For Maintaining Your Hair


Step1:Tips For Perm And Hair Dye 

A year is most perm 2 times hair, when hair qualitative condition becomes poorer, the proposal does not want perm, catch hair, and catch hair and perm had better not undertake at the same time, because these two kinds of liquid medicine can cause double harm to the hair.

Step2:The Trimming And Combing Of Hair

Trim the split ends every two months. Additional, when combing a hair, do not use plastic comb as far as possible, make with wooden comb or bone comb optimal, can avoid to give a hair so harm.

Step3:Press The Scalp

Specific operation method is: two hands finger opens naturally, begin from before forehead with finger end, along the head in the center press scalp to occiput hind hairline, press scalp of both sides of the top of the head next, till whole head, when pressing, scalp has swelling feeling, press 2 ~ 3 minutes every time.

Step4:Eat Foods Rich In Vitamin B And C

Vitamin C can activate microvasculature wall, make the hair can absorb the nutrition in blood smoothly, and vitamin B has stimulative hair to grow, make the effect that the hair presents natural burnish. Normally much edible be like malt to wait to contain a lot of the fresh vegetable that contains a vitamin B and vitamin C and fruit more, have the effect with twice the result with half the effort to restoring health to the hair bright lustre.

Step5:Homemade Egg Yolk Conditioner

Egg yolks are great for moisturizing dry hair, so use them as a conditioner to help with dry hair. Specific method: after shampoo, take the right amount of egg yolk coated in the hair, massage for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Step6:Say Goodbye To Dead Hair With Beer

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Besmear with beer hair, can have the effect that protects a hair not only, and the growth that still can promote hair. This is because the effective nutrient composition in beer has very good effect to preventing hair to dry and fall off. Operation method: first wash and dry the hair, then rub appropriate amount of beer on the hair evenly, then massage the hands, let the beer infiltrate into the hair roots, and wash the hair with clean water after 15 minutes.

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